Thursday, January 15, 2009

Top Vatican Official Calls Gaza a "Concentration Camp"

Cardinal Renato Martino , Pope Benedicts top official on issues of peace and justice, and former Vatican envoy to the UN, likened Gaza under the Israeli offensive to a "big concentration camp" in a recent interview.

The Cardinal noted that both sides in the current conflict were concerned only with their own interests . "But the consequences of this selfishness is hatred, poverty, injustice. It is always the defenseless populations that pay."

Not surprisingly Israeli officials have responded to the Cardinals statement with outrage claiming that it unfairly paints Israel as similar to the Nazi regime. Apparently the truth is a little too hard for many Israelis to digest.

Catholic News has more on this issue here:
Gaza Strip resembles a concentration camp, says top Vatican official


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  1. I can't give you the links from this computer but you might want to check the Democracy Now! site. They are having some great debates on there.

  2. Thanks I will have to check out Democracy Now. I tried to post a comment on your page but it didn't show up.