Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lord of the Haram

Watch out: dawn and revelation
of the eternal face;
Being's King raises battle banners
from the field of Nonexistence.
A rich man goes to a party;
he needs no servant but
one goes along anyway, gets invited in;
and even that servant
is a morning star, gleaning its light
by rubbing its face against Eternity

The Unseen , the Forbidden
When it yearns to reveal itself
and raises its torches high
above the abyss
to create in its Power
through the order: BE!
before even the Pen
and the Tablet were known
then 'Ali's heart became that Tablet
Ahmad's tongue the Pen.

The station of "ali, Kaaba's Lord
became the heart itself
and all our circumbulations
then were abrogated,
all ritual complete- look!
The Elect are forbidden
what ordinary men must do
an outward pilgrimage denied
to men of Heart, whose pillar is the palace
of 'Ali; the lord of the Haram.

When I turn toward the prayer niche
I journey toward him
When I begin my prayers
I speak with him;
ignoring the road to Mecca.
Passing by the Black House
I circle his neighborhood
to venerate the child born within it
is all the worship the Kaaba demands.

Mercies are signs
of the Mercy of 'Ali
the books of the prophets
rehearse his tale,
paradise and its fruits
are his gifts
and the greatest gift of God
is 'Ali's sacred role.
Say yes! for this
Is God's greatest favor.

Fo'ad Kermani

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